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Guitar Lessons

 I have been playing the guitar for over 36 years and teaching guitar since 1989. I design my lessons around each individual student and strive to keep the lessons fun while aiming for a high standard of education.

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Whether you’re looking to play for fun at home, around the campfire, or want to learn practical music theory for composition and/or improvisation, I have instruction programs for all levels and styles from beginner to advanced and from ages 10 years on up.

You can listen to examples of me playing different styles of guitar here: Hillman Guitar Examples

Handsome gift certificates for any amount are available. References available upon request.

You can also contact me for advice on buying guitars and guitar accessories, and I also have extensive experience in the following subjects and can offer advice on: songwriting, singing, recording, sound engineering, live performance, guitar amplifiers and effects, band dynamics, marketing and booking.

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